World Pedigree DataBase of Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
A-teddi Divine De Clan TaMale12.04.2016
A. J. From The Queen Of DiamondsMale13.11.2006Germany
A. Jo Vom KlostergrundMale11.02.2007
A2z D'artagnanMale03.09.2013South Africa
A2z Hunter Of KarmicMale07.03.2013South Africa
A2z Luna Of FalylaFemale07.03.2013South Africa
Aaron De Miniaturas De La NieveMale14.06.2009
Aaron From DenisseMale22.12.2013
Aaron Vom Harlekin Hof TaraMale01.01.2002
Aaron Von Biewer EngelMale21.05.2012Germany
Abacus Von El Cassius DioMale08.04.2007
Abba Dancing QueenFemale11.09.2011
Abba Vom HolzwinkelFemale07.04.2008Germany
Abbey Hey KingMale
Abbie Bell EvansFemale
Abby Glamour ToyFemale18.01.2015Norway
Abby Of Biewers Of EdgewaterFemale
Abby Von CastelhunFemale06.09.2009Germany
Abby Von ChandrellFemale01.10.2007
Abbygail Vom SteinachtalFemale29.11.2011
Abbygail White RosesFemaleCzech Republic
Abbygeel Von AkashaFemale
Abbygeill Von Piast TurmFemale30.03.2014
Abejorro De Amor LekowalliMale01.01.2014Russian Federation
Abella Amor LekowalliFemale01.01.2014Belarus
Abi Bajeczne BieweryFemalePoland
Abi Of Raven's HollowFemale21.12.2005United States
Abigael White Feyri TaylFemale
Abigael' Vait Feiri TailFemale
AbigailFemale23.02.2016South Africa
Abigail Alex Golden EngelFemale26.11.2012
Abigail Benefit GoldFemale28.07.2015
Abigail Ewelee BiewerFemale
Abigail Promienie SloncaFemale
Abigail Vom SeerosenteichFemale20.11.2003Germany
Abigal Basha Beauty Of Cuteasabutton YorkiesFemale01.06.2011United States
Abigale From The Queen Of DiamondsFemale
Abigayle Dream Girl In ParadiseFemale23.10.2005
Abigel Von El Cassius DioFemale08.04.2007
Abigrand Lin AlarMale14.08.2015Russian Federation
Abigrand Lin AtamanshaFemale14.07.2017
Abigrand Lin AviorMale14.08.2015France
Abigrand Lin Badgley MischkaFemale29.03.2017
Abigrand Lin BalenciagaFemale29.03.2017
Abigrand Lin BellagioFemale29.03.2017
Abigrand Lin BlumarineFemale29.03.2017
Abigrand Lin BumerMale05.10.2016Russian Federation
Abigrand Lin ButterflyFemale29.03.2017