World Pedigree DataBase of Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Abra Kadabra Of VillageFemale30.10.1997Germany
Abraham King Of Morning DewMale17.11.2006
Abrau Durso Perfection De La GraceMale07.02.2017
Absolut LoveMale26.07.2017
Absolut Magic From Russian With LoveFemale19.03.2011Croatia
Absolut Perfekt ManMale21.03.2014
Absolut Power City Choco FantasyMale14.12.2017Russian Federation
Absolute Beauty BiewerFemale
Absolute Feeria Nif NafFemale26.12.2011Russian Federation
Absolute High SpiritMale05.07.2012Russian Federation
Absolute Infinite Love Al'pachinoMale12.08.2017United States
Absolute Infinite Love AlexMale14.01.2017Turkey
Absolute Infinite Love AngelMale14.01.2017Turkey
Absolute Man Von Weisse OrchideeMale01.05.2009Latvia
Absolute Perfection Imperial MiraclesFemale21.06.2017
Absolutely Von LieblingFemale17.03.2009United States
Absolutly Adorable BiewerFemale07.07.2008
Absolyut Gold MenMale03.11.2015Russian Federation
Absolyut PauerMale07.12.2016
Absolyut VinnerMale30.05.2015Belarus
Aby Born Of ChateauFemale01.01.2015
Aby De La FosanMaleSpain
Acapella "snow Girl" Of WindsongFemale30.03.2010United States
Acapella De' ChocolatierFemale30.05.2012
Ace Of BuckmarFemale12.04.2015United Kingdom
Ace Of Green AcresMale03.10.2007United States
Ace Oki HollowMale27.04.2006United States
Achat Smiling DogMale17.06.2011
Achilles Golden BearMale20.08.2013
Acosta Vom OttergrundFemale12.08.2006Switzerland
Action_man Du Domaine De MonderlayMale
Adam Chomutovska KrasaMale
Adam De Miniaturas De La NieveMale14.06.2009
Adam Golden Angels Of BohemiaMale18.10.2016
Adamant BlackMale26.07.2017
Adamo-schneeprinz Vom Weissen BluemchenMale14.04.2009Russian Federation
Adams Canis MinorMale17.03.2010Russian Federation
Addi Bel Ot Pandyi SharmFemale23.11.2011Russian Federation
Addie Born Of ChateauMale01.01.2015
Addie My Jewel Blue Moon BiewersFemale
Addy DreamgirlFemale
Addy Welvet Night DreamsMale04.01.2013Slovakia
AdelFemale08.06.2011Russian Federation
Adel Beatiful PrincessFemale29.05.2015
Adel Kurts AneleFemale21.01.2012
Adel Vilero BellezaFemale06.07.2013United States
Adel' Little AngelFemale16.10.2016
Adel' Mon Plaisir Perla De RoseeFemale12.01.2012Ukraine
Adel'ka Littl DarlingFemale22.06.2014