World Pedigree DataBase of Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Ago Vom HarbachtalMaleGermany
Agria DiolettaFemale
Agrilpplna Nora ShualeFemale
Aguintus Vom KapuzinerklosterMale21.12.2010Russian Federation
Agunda StyleFemale18.07.2010Russian Federation
Agylo Snow-prince Of Fairy's From YorkylandMale12.05.2010
Ah Kakoi Pifan Nafan Dlya Moei MechtiMale
Aicha Vom RoseneckFemale19.04.2004Germany
Aicho Ruby Bro By Aralezo SagaMale10.04.2017
Aid Endless WealthMale01.10.2015Russian Federation
Aida Chocolate DelightFemale16.11.2013Czech Republic
Aida Of Glory's CastleFemale14.03.2005Germany
Aida Von Las VegasFemale14.09.2014
Aiden Of Justus BiewersMale
Aika Vom Petershaeger ForstFemale21.09.1997
Aika YanechkowaFemale17.03.2015
Aike Z Peklovske RokleFemale
Aiko Vom ElfengrundMale
Aiko Vom HavelstuebchenMale
Aiko Vom Speyerer WoogbachtalMale23.01.2011Russian Federation
Aila From The MoonlightFemale26.06.2010Russian Federation
Aila V. Pension DonaupalastFemale
Ailav GollivudMale30.05.2015
Aileen Of Padawi'sFemale25.10.1990
Ailend OflavMale30.05.2015
Ailin TyraFemale27.10.2013Belarus
Ailine Von AkashaFemale20.07.1992Germany
Ailine Von Baron Aus HindenburgFemale05.09.2009
Ailisse Rose BudsFemale05.12.2010Czech Republic
Aim Color PetMale
Aimee Color PetFemaleCzech Republic
Aimee Of Biewers Of EdgewaterFemale26.01.2010United States
Aimee Of Shameless TemptationFemaleUnited States
Aimee-lady Of Sunny IslandFemale13.02.2012Germany
Aimo Lucky GuyMale28.05.2013Russian Federation
Aimy Vom Garten Der TraeumeFemale04.04.2005Germany
Aimy Vom KoppelbergFemale
Ain TwiggyFemale27.10.2013Belarus
Ain't Miss Behavin' Of CalarynFemale
Ainhoa- Anjalie Goldschatz Vom KlosterbachFemale27.10.2012Netherlands
AiprilFemale17.06.2012Russian Federation
Air Of Wisdom Athena Of Windy HillFemale06.06.2007
Aira Golden GlanzFemale24.08.2011Czech Republic
Airin From Green ParadiseMale26.02.2017Czech Republic
Airin Rose BudsFemale05.12.2010Czech Republic
Airis Rose BudsFemale05.12.2010Czech Republic
Airish Konfetti YorkMale25.10.2016Russian Federation
Airon Ais KrimMale03.11.2015
Airys Angel LubvyFemale07.05.2011Russian Federation
Ais Krem Vanil'nyi LikerMale14.09.2017