Pedigree DataBase of Boston Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Evita At Hessenvilla Du Bois ClerbaultFemale
Explozen's Mickey FinnMale
Fairytale Beauty GremlinsFemale07.06.2011Russian Federation
Faiter BossMale
Faiter Brand AvisFemale20.02.2014Russian Federation
Falbala Od Pulnocniho SlunceFemale21.07.2003Germany
Fantom De MandrakaMale18.12.2015Serbia
Farina Vom SchenkenseeFemaleGermany
Fata Morgana Od Pulnocniho SlunceFemale21.07.2003Czech Republic
Felina Beauty GremlinsFemale
Femme Fatale PerbosterFemale03.11.2016Russian Federation
Finch Od Pulnocniho SlunceMale21.07.2003
Fiona Crazy LandFemale10.03.2015Poland
Fiona Od Pulnocniho SlunceFemale21.07.2003Germany
Firstlady Fra Det Gamle KejserriegeFemale
Flashpoint's Isabelle De MotifFemale
Flashpoint's Southern Comfort By T-boFemale
Flashpoints Cosmic RayMaleUnited States
Flashpoints Justice For AllMale
Flashpoints Thecats MeowFemale
Florence Face To FaceFemale
Flufi - EsmeiMale
Flying Ford Edsel Of SungloMale
For Your Eyes Only TorquesMale06.09.2014Poland
Fortheringhay's CarlottaFemale
Fortheringhay's Jil N' JadeFemale
Fortheringhay's KimayaFemale30.12.2013
Four Oak's Smooth Performance TechronFemale
Four Oaks Just Not My Cup Of TeaMale
Four Oaks Social DisorderFemaleUnited States
Frantsuzkiy Potseluy AtakaFemale13.06.2012Ukraine
Frantsuzkiy Potseluy Viper StormMale
Frenki ZicoMale01.09.1999Czech Republic
Funny Girl Kari- PripepyFemale
Gala Della Marea Del PanadesFemale
Galereya Chic OvaciuaFemale12.11.2012Russian Federation
Galereya Shik OneginMale12.11.2012Russian Federation
Galereya Shik Roskoshnaya PobedaFemale25.09.2015Russian Federation
Galliano Solaro S Krainego SeveraMale15.02.2018Russian Federation
Gang-staff (fci) Boston's BlackberryFemale
Gang-staff (FCI) Boston's Sensual TouchFemale29.06.2015Poland
Gang-staff Boston's Beauty LadyFemale
Gehennas Funny FaceFemale
Gehennas ImpMale17.06.1994
Gehennas PerittiMale
Giorgio Armani AlikanaMale20.05.2011
Giulietta Starline AvenueFemale13.08.2010
Gleizz Nikita OkkervilFemale
Gleizz Up S-A-DaisyFemaleRussian Federation
Gloria Gaynor Des Hauts De MassanneFemaleSpain