Knockon Make or Break of Richmax

BreedStaffordshire Bull Terrier
NameKnockon Make or Break of Richmax
Call Name
Date Birth
ColorBlackbrindle and White
Land Birth
Living in Country
Size (cm)
Weight (kg)
SireEastaff Tally's Man
DamKnockon Hocus Pocus
Tatu or Chip #

Gen 6

Pedigree of Knockon Make or Break of Richmax

Knockon Make or Break of RichmaxBlackbrindle and White

Eastaff Tally's Man



Tondoo Tallyman


GB Ch.

Eastaff Guardian03.04.1984


Tondoo Miss Moonshine18.06.1983

GB Ch.

Eastaff Guardian03.04.1984

GB Ch. 

Judael Both Barrels At Nozac 12.01.1993

GB Ch. 

Rellim Black Ace 10.09.1985

GB Ch.

Judael Maggie Noire 07.03.1989

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