Pedigree DataBase of Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Absolute Pied Homars CzechFemale01.09.2011Czech Republic
Absolute RulerMale01.01.1996
Absolute StarMale
Absolute Stunner Of ArdernswayFemale25.05.2009
Absolute Sunshine StaffstepFemale24.11.2019
Absolute Surprise My DivinesMale02.07.2018Czech Republic
Absolute Winner Marine SoulMale13.12.2015Russian Federation
Absolutely Atari Orange CountyFemale04.03.2018
ABSOLUTELY CHAMP BOY Fire and Fury Male09.10.2016
Absolutely Love Daffodil Yellow Female
ABSOLUTELY MAGIC GIRL Fire and Fury Female09.10.2016
Absolutely SoppyFemale01.01.1997
ABSOLUTELY SWEET LADY Fire and Fury Female09.10.2016
Absolutstaff Blue BullseyeMale
Absolutstaff Bubbly BlueFemale17.08.2010
Absolutstaff JuzintabluFemale09.12.2011Australia
Absolutstaff Mighty Blue BearMale26.05.2010
Absolutt Forste Prinsesse Av CirkusborgenFemale17.06.2011Norway
Absolutt Første Prinsesse Av CirkusborgenFemale17.06.2011Norway
Abstract Lady JodiscanFemale05.05.2008Czech Republic
ABU DHABI Land of Staff FCIFemale09.05.2017Poland
Abu od Certovy studankyMale10.12.2017
Abundant WendyFemale
Abundantia Of Maks DoggiesFemale02.01.2017
Abygail HarpagonFemalePoland
Abyssha Adelynn Nights ButterflyFemale20.03.2008Czech Republic
Acalan Beastie Bull Male08.09.2016Poland
Acanatha Of Martyr'sFemale
Acantha Of Martyr'sMale
Accuracy BrennekeFemale
Ace Angel Of Red PassionMale01.01.2006
Ace blue rock magicMaleAustralia
Ace Butch Of KentooMale01.01.1981
Ace Gimmy TripseeMale27.12.2012France
Ace High SevenofheartsFemale01.01.2001Sweden
Ace High SixofheartsFemale12.12.2002Sweden
Ace of ace De la vauxoiseMaleFrance
Ace of BrennekeMale26.01.2012
Ace Of DiamondsFemale01.01.2009
Ace Of DimondsFemale
Ace of Heart SallystaffFemale11.09.2014Czech Republic
Ace Of Jemsons At MoonstaffFemale01.01.1997
Ace Of SpadeMale
Ace Of Spade (NO2015)Male
Ace of spades Jarola PolandMale22.01.2013Poland