Pedigree DataBase of Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
A Magic Dream of Spirit-Staff'sFemale12.10.2009Netherlands
A maya of honey s bullsFemale29.11.2005
A MCPerformance of Asgard GuardiansMale19.06.2015France
A Miracle of Life de la VauxoiseFemale04.12.2005France
A Miracle of Love de KaryshaFemale21.11.2005France
A Mistletoe KissFemale01.10.2010
A Modern Myth Penn-staffMale19.01.2019
A Nice Girl de la VauxoiseFemale26.02.2005France
A o hanna staffFemale
A part of Queen from North EndFemale21.05.2013
A Patchy LadyFemale01.01.1997
A Perfect StormFemale25.05.2004
A PIED HAPPINESS Fire and Fury Female09.10.2016
A Pied Lucky Fransimo BohemiaFemale17.09.2009Norway
A Real Lady Of AnglebullsFemale29.03.2017Austria
a ring of rosesFemale
A son Bone Crushers from North End Male21.05.2013
A Star Is BornFemale06.09.2004
A Star is Born Miracle DiamondsFemale17.02.2015Czech Republic
A Sunshine from North End Female21.05.2013
A Touch Of ClassMale01.01.1982
A Touch Of Divine AphrodisiacFemale09.04.2006Norway
A Touch Of Perfect SerenityFemale11.03.2008Norway
A Touch of Perfection de la VauxoiseFemale
A Touch Of White Male01.01.2012
A Tribute To Dear Daddy TysonMale01.01.2008
A TROUBLE IS COMING Fire and Fury Male09.10.2016
A Wee Wink BoutyaFemale
A Yankee Vampire Penn-staffFemale19.01.2019
A z LodiceFemaleCzech Republic
A' Kika ButtonFemalePoland
A''Hades of Anglebulls Male29.03.2017Austria
A'K-One de la Lune de SangMale14.07.2005France
A'Kadosh Vladyka NebesMale
A'lovely Casey NarielFemale29.04.2017Czech Republic
A'pied Lucky Fransimo BohemiaFemale01.01.2009
A'sweet Moment NarielFemale29.04.2017Czech Republic
A'TARA STAR RED Darce stestiFemale19.02.2015
A-Bomb Homars CzechMale01.09.2011Slovakia
A-Brianne of TarthFemaleRomania
A-CARMEN z Cardova dvoraFemale29.10.2015Slovakia
A-Iron Blue Boy Sama FrajdaMale20.03.2017
A-Telma Ennie Eso BonatomFemale15.06.2009Czech Republic
A-Touch-Of-Black Des Anges De La Cite PhoceenneFemale
A-Valkyrja Acherontia AtroposFemale03.02.2010Czech Republic
A. Black Sunday AlternativetMale01.01.1998
A. J the First of Stormblade Male05.08.2010Germany
A.C.doyle Mich-MachMale01.01.2015
A.J.of Brindle WeaponFemaleGermany