Pedigree DataBase of Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Aaliyah (2012)Female01.01.2012
Aapje (NHSB 2012)Female02.05.2012Netherlands
Aares Fransimo BohemiaMale19.03.2012Czech Republic
Aaro of Save HavenMale21.07.2015Germany
Aaron (SA 2010) Male13.07.2010
Aaron Aedy Nights ButterflyMale20.03.2008Czech Republic
Aaron Amphisz Victory DreamMale20.07.2010Czech Republic
Aaron Blue Ray Merano BohemiaMale15.01.2011Czech Republic
Aaron King Rebel EmpireMale08.06.2012Czech Republic
Aaron von Rocky StaffsMale05.06.2016Germany
Aaron's Special Blue BoyMale13.09.2013United Kingdom
Aaron's VelvetMale05.07.2012United Kingdom
Aarslev CesarMale06.08.2004Denmark
Aarslev DekkoMale04.09.2005
Aarslevs EmmaFemale
Aaruka Red Earth D'Aragon KennelFemale
Aarukabull Harlem Boogie At Supreme Staffy'sFemale14.10.2017France
Aarukabulls Addicted To YouFemale
Aarukabulls Africa QueenFemale13.03.2016Italy
Aarukabulls Always StrongMale16.03.2018
Aarukabulls Bad GirlFemaleSpain
Aarukabulls Beyond deathMale
Aarukabulls Black Eyed PeaMale01.01.2017
Aarukabulls Black PearlMale21.04.2017
Aarukabulls Brittstaff Are You Kidding MeFemale
Aarukabulls Courage Boy Winners PrizeMale14.10.2017Russian Federation
Aarukabulls Cracker LadMale20.05.2018
Aarukabulls CrossfireFemale
Aarukabulls Desert StormFemaleSpain
Aarukabulls devil HunterMale
Aarukabulls Dynasty QueenFemale14.10.2017France
Aarukabulls feel the liveFemale
Aarukabulls Gold EditionFemale14.10.2017France
Aarukabulls King of VallhallaMale
Aarukabulls Looking For HappynesFemale01.10.2016Sweden
Aarukabulls Made In HollandMale
Aarukabulls My WayMale
Aarukabulls No Limit For NoiseMale
Aarukabulls Pied PandaMale15.04.2019France
Aarukabulls Princess AnaFemale
Aarukabulls Princess of DreamsFemale
Aarukabulls Roll The DiceMale15.04.2019Spain
Aarukabulls See You In ValhallaMale01.01.2018
Aarukabulls Snowy FireMale
Aarukabulls Spanish DreamMale
Aarukabulls Spanish PrideMale
Aarukabulls Spot OnMaleDenmark
Aarukabulls Tara KnowlesFemale01.01.2018France