Pedigree DataBase of Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Aarukabulls Trust the BloodFemale
Aarukabulls ValeoMale
Aba Eminent NannyMale25.06.2009Greece
Aba Platos D.Y. Unique BisouFemale
Abaddonblue JockMale
Abadon Garlin Male
Abba Mat-StaffFemale
Abba od MihajlovicaFemale26.08.2006Serbia
Abbaz White ChestMale30.08.2011United States
Abbe (SA 2015)Female03.10.2015
Abbe AiloMale01.01.2017
Abbe Ailo (no 2017)Male01.01.2017
Abbemi chilies firstFemale01.04.2009France
Abber The MoverMale01.01.1982
Abberley BulletMale01.01.1995
Abbernity Moravian Gate BullFemale19.08.2013Czech Republic
Abbeville PrinceMale01.01.1985
Abbey (SA 2013)Female16.04.2013
Abbey (SE 1978)Female22.03.1978
Abbey de l'Escane CrabeFemale
Abbey LadMale01.01.1983
Abbeyfarm DukeMale01.01.1991
Abbeyjack Billy the KidMale12.09.1992
Abbeyjack Coogan's BluffMale01.01.1992
Abbeyjack Domino DelightMale01.01.1992
Abbeyjack Jewel Of PasaderaMale12.09.1992
Abbeyjack Magnum ForceMale01.01.1992
Abbeyjack PasaderaFemale01.01.1992
Abbeyjack Pasadera WhiteflashFemale23.09.1989
Abbeyjack Star In The DustFemale01.01.1992
Abbeynorm Elsie GirlFemale01.01.1993
Abbeystaff Artful PegFemale
Abbeystaff Bit Of MaxFemale
Abbeystaff Black BeautyFemale01.01.1983
Abbeystaff Brindle MaxMale01.01.1980
Abbeystaff Britwell GemFemale
Abbeystaff Brown OrchidFemale01.01.1984
Abbeystaff CenturionMale01.01.1985
Abbeystaff CharismaFemale01.01.1982
Abbeystaff Dark GemFemale01.01.1983
Abbeystaff Dark RubyFemale15.07.1982
Abbeystaff Game BethFemale01.01.1983
Abbeystaff Gold KingMaleUnited Kingdom
Abbeystaff Jaunty JakeMale01.01.1984
Abbeystaff JettaFemale
Abbeystaff Jolly JudyFemale
Abbeystaff Lady LynnFemale