French Bulldog

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
(h) Poison De VelabidaMale
.8 De MalvillaFemale10.10.2010Chile
2 Stars Girl On FireFemale13.09.2012United States
2 Stars Hear Me Roar For Tx StarFemale20.12.2014United States
2 Stars One Tough HombreMale25.04.2011United States
2 Stars Rolling ThunderMale04.05.2009United States
2 Stars Spirit Of LibertyFemale25.04.2011United States
232 De YolthermaFemaleSpain
287 De Yoltherma (mafalda)FemaleSpain
2boys HellboyMale17.01.2018Mexico
2boys JackMale10.12.2017Mexico
2stars Vindemiola Dulce Porcia GratiasFemale16.01.2007United States
2x Mr FrenchyFemale
2x Toretto 2x Simon ChicamochaFemale18.06.2016
3muskateer's Isaac De Porthau Of HrhMale
5 Stars FlashN/A
5 Stars' Epic Love CosetteFemale
5 Stars' Rambunctious RiotFemaleUnited States
5 Stars' Zippin ZowieFemale14.02.2013United States
5star'z LunaFemale07.08.2012United States
610's Cashs Platinum DjangoMale04.01.2017United States
610's Fine Wine MerlotMale
610's GalataFemale
615gottiline Jp AngelinaFemale30.11.2015Japan
615gottiline Jp GabiFemale05.02.2015Japan
615gottiline Jp LionrockMale05.02.2015Japan
615gottiline Jp ProbatMale09.02.2016Japan
615gottiline Jp The JupiterMale05.02.2015Japan
71057 Peti DugoMale27.03.2002
727's Little Black DolceFemale24.11.2009
727's She's Vava VoomFemaleUnited States
7boule Ange's Crystal ShipsMale
7boule Angel's Apcalypse NowMale19.07.2015
7boule Angel's Beddhra Di Lu TataFemale18.09.2016Italy
7boule Angel's Beddhra VagnonaFemale18.09.2016Italy
7boule Angel's Boom Boom MagicMale18.09.2016China
7boule Angel's Boom Boom TouchdownMale18.09.2016Italy
7boule Angel's Cosimo Via CasoleMaleChina
7boule Angel's Crocodile DundeeMale18.06.2017
7boule Angel's Crystal ShipsMale18.06.2017
7k's KiraFemale06.11.2014Costa Rica
7k's Mambo ArturoMale30.11.2014Costa Rica
7k's White BonsaiMale19.09.2015Puerto Rico
A 'yoda De Cat'patFemale05.11.2005
A - MagdaFemale
A And J's Megabuck MollyFemale08.08.1989United States
A And M Ginger TopFemale
A Blackstone For ReveriesMale21.05.2012United States
A Elena De Troya Barbaro's BullFemale