Pedigree DataBase of Chienese Crested Dog

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
A For Dew Abrakadabra FenFemale09.04.1997
A Kiss From A Rose N'coFemale
A La Pom Pon's Van WinckelMale30.09.2011
A La Pom Pon's Velli Lain (PUFF)Male30.09.2011Russian Federation
A La Pom Pon's Vest WindMale30.09.2011
A La Pom Pon's Viol DjinaFemale30.09.2011Russian Federation
A La Pom Pon's Vivat QueenMale30.09.2011
A Little Rendezvous N'co.Female
A Shimmer Of Light N'co, DomFemale
A...Female27.06.2010Russian Federation
Abba Lyo InFemale14.04.2001Russian Federation
Absolutely N'co.FemaleUSA
Abstrakzia AkvarelFemale07.10.2009Italy
Acambos HuaMale
Acambos TangMale
Acambos Tin TinMale
Accord Mi Love Zingall RozMale19.12.2007
Ace EMale
Acierto's Hair's FineMale07.09.2009Finland
Adam Slezsky SenMale
Adel VellarFemale
Adela Z Kamilova DvoraFemale18.12.2008
Adele Vivat GlamourFemale11.09.2011Lithuania
Adelia PersifalFemale
Adelie AvokaduhFemale
AdelinaFemaleRussian Federation
Adelina KrasavitsaFemale
Adelina Malenkaya FeyaFemale
Adeline VespaFemale
Adin-snap Kiss The Flame (PUFF)Male27.06.2010
Adis Lunar RainMale27.06.2010
Admiral Askol'd Hrabroe Serdtse (PUFF)Male23.09.2009Russian Federation
Admiral Imperial DreamMaleRussian Federation
Admiral Labas RytasMale29.03.2012Lithuania
Adonis Top FieraMale21.10.2010Ukraine
Adonis Vom Martin's TalMale
Advanture (PUFF)MaleRussian Federation
Adventure Black Pearl Zingall RozFemale19.12.2007
Adventurous Spirit AkwenMale
Adwersarz Arni Fen (PUFF)Male09.04.1997
Adzika Cin-cin PetFemale03.10.1996
Aes AradiaFemale
Aes Blue Dy-amond For MovalianFemale
Aes Dy-ademFemale
Aes Dy-lectableFemale
Aes Into AmberroMale
Aes Into DynastyMale
Aes Into HoratioMale