Pedigree DataBase of Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
13staffs Apocalypse DudeMale01.01.2011
1Mansa American Gold RushFemale01.01.2019United States
1ofakind's Misbehavin At GeminiFemale29.08.2011United States
1ofakinds No Sleep Till BrooklynnFemale29.08.2011United States
22 LyotoMale01.02.2010
2bits BowieMale04.08.2018Mexico
2Bits Calamity JaneFemale09.03.2019Mexico
2Bits Great GatrsbyMale07.08.2019
2bits Irma StormFemale21.11.2017Mexico
2bits Katya HurricaneFemale21.11.2017Mexico
2Bits Mumtaz MahalFemaleMexico
2bits Oprah BraveFemale22.06.2018Mexico
2Bits TomasaFemaleMexico
A Beauty Blue Nanny DogFemale29.04.2017
A Beauty Girl of LordstaffFemale03.09.2013Austria
A Big Beauty Cara Female01.01.2012
A Big DaddyMale01.01.2008
A Big Heart de l'Escane CrabeFemale21.10.2005France
A Bit Nutty Welcome Back FrankMale03.11.2017
A Black Sweatheart from North EndMale21.05.2013
A Bombastic Alvin of AnglebullsMale29.03.2017Austria
A Bottle Of BrownMale01.01.1990
A Boy Called BrackenMale06.02.1998
A Cracker Of A LadyFemale01.01.1997
A Dash Of NemiFemale01.01.2009
a day staffydiva celtic storm darcyFemale21.07.2013
A Dessert Rain Of Black Metal DawnFemale02.04.2018Germany
A Dimple Surface AntonMale18.11.2018Austria
A First of AffilandMale21.12.2009
A Gangster Named Al CaponeMale01.01.2008
a girl like me of north dutch staffsFemale13.05.2013Netherlands
A KephreneMale
A kind Of MagicMale
A kind of magic des anges de la cite phoceenneFemale02.07.2005France
A King Des Anges De La Cite PhoceenneMale
A KING OF REBEL Fire and Fury Male09.10.2016
A Lass With ClassFemale09.08.1993
A Lil Ro des Anges de la Cite PhoceenneMale
A Little Devil of LordstaffFemale02.09.2013Austria
A Little Devil of Wizards' ClanMale23.11.2008Austria
A Little Princess Female14.10.2013
A Little PrincessFemale01.01.1997
A Little Princess (NO2015)Female01.01.2015
A Little Princess Of Black Metal DawnFemale02.04.2018Germany
A Little Star Orange CountyFemale04.03.2018Czech Republic
A Little Virus des Anges de la Cite PhoceenneMale01.01.2005France
A Love Symbol de KaryshaMale21.11.2005France
A Loveing DaddyMale01.01.2012
A Loving Kaiza Female06.09.2009
A Loving Sasha Female01.01.2012