Pedigree DataBase of Chienese Crested Dog

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Alka-trast EpifanMale
Alka-trast MikaellaFemale
Alka-trast Miss QueenFemale01.01.2005Ukraine
Alka-trast RoksolanaFemale18.07.2005Ukraine
Alka-trast VavilonMale01.10.2007Ukraine
Alka-trast VictoriaFemale
Alka-trast Victoria (PUFF)FemaleUkraine
Alka-trast YupiterMale01.06.2007Ukraine
Alle Fanto CapriceMale27.06.2010
Allo Of Crest HavenMale
Allot Ching The Of DickersonFemale
Alltot Ace Lin Of Apocodeodar (po1)(imp Uk)MaleAustralia
Alltot BenMale
Alltot CinderellaFemale
Alltot GizmoMale
Alltot HoneysuckleFemale10.04.1990
Alltot Jack Frost At GlebeheathMale
Alltot May LouFemale27.04.1983United Kingdom
Alltot Mei-mei Of YorcrechiFemale
Alltot Miss Sophie At GlebeheathFemale
Alltot Nero By LishintoMale
Alltot Pink PantherMale12.08.1994United Kingdom
Alltot ShengliMale
Alltot Sherri LynetteFemale
Alltot Su-liMale28.08.1986United Kingdom
Alltot Tai ShanMale
Alltot Toffee AppleFemale
Almi Nemar Yunona Pol'FemaleRussian Federation
Almini Mar Yunona Pol'Female
Almira VellarFemaleRussian Federation
Alran BluestarMaleBelarus
Alto Of Crest HavenFemale31.07.1964
Alvine Band Bayana RossFemale02.01.2010Russian Federation
Alvine Band Bechita MirelFemale
Amalia VellarFemale
Amalina YagodkaFemale
Amaliya SirenaFemaleRussian Federation
Amaliya VellarFemaleRussian Federation
Amani ValiMale14.04.2008Russian Federation
Amarantt Roingold (PUFF)Male01.01.2007Germany
Amaretta BellarFemale
Amaretto Von ShinbashiMale14.01.2003Russian Federation
Amarylis BrzdacMale
Amati GoldMale27.09.2010Russian Federation
Amazing Boy GodemanaMale14.10.2009Ukraine
Amazing Pegasus OutcakeMale
Amber Of StevansuFemale
Ambicia AlbaFemale07.10.2009Italy