Pedigree DataBase of Shih Tzu

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
Absolut PerfectionMale05.03.2012Russian Federation
Absolut Triumf Blond GirlFemaleBelarus
Absolut VictoryFemale12.02.2006Ukraine
Absolute Sweet Kvitka ViktoriyiMale06.01.2016Ukraine
Absolutely Gorgeous Odessa JoyFemale14.10.2016
Acapulco From Audreys ParadisFemale
Ace Kiss Bohemia AcroFemale07.07.2002Czech Republic
Achilles Brad Of YakiMale
Achilles Dang Sai DragonfireMale
Achilles Hi-time DragonlordMale
Achilles Jason's Gold LaceFemale
Achilles M&m CandyFemale
Achilles Mingdynasty KitkatFemale
Achilles Mitzi Of SonoraFemale
Achilles Muffin Of SonoraFemale
Achilles Personality PlusFemale
Achilles Rocket Of SonoraMale
Achilles Shoo-in DesireFemale
Achilles Sonora Artemis FayFemale
Ack LheMale
Acornero Aisin SenMale01.01.1991Czech Republic
Acro Boy Solaris AvisMale22.02.2003
Adagio Il DivoMale25.07.2012
Adam AnhokajanMale25.07.2013Italy
Adam Brilliant Of MoraviaMale01.01.2018
Adam By GlamourMale26.01.2013Belarus
Adam Syn Advokata Perlyna ViktoriyiMale23.11.2009Ukraine
Adam Syn AramisaMale25.01.2015Ukraine
Add DogMale
AdelFemale09.07.2015Russian Federation
Adel LovelyFemale02.01.2016Ukraine
Adel TrefFemaleRussian Federation
Adel'Female10.06.2011Russian Federation
Adel' For Queen's FlowersFemale06.12.2012Ukraine
Adela Pavlova StudankaFemale
Adelaida ArtFemale14.07.2015Russian Federation
Adelaide Beautiful Brings HappinessFemale04.01.2015Ukraine
Adelfina ToyFemale05.08.1998Russian Federation
Adis S Topolovego ZakontkaMale
Adizo IiMale
Admirable Suptain VictorisMale15.02.2018Russian Federation
Admiral Brave Odessa JoyMale02.02.2012
Adonai TomiFemaleBrazil
Adonis Temple Of The SkyMale28.06.2006Ukraine