Pedigree DataBase of German Spitz

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
...from Viktoriya CityFemale
A Boy De Can TitosMale03.11.2016Spain
A Girl De Can TitosFemale03.11.2016
A Lil Mischief's Town TalkMale
A Lin Of Yi YuanFemale
A Little Chip Of ShirwoodMale
A Love Note From LennisFemale
A Tisha Of Lin Chin TienFemale
A Ya Takoi Edinstvennyi S Tversih ProstorovMaleRussian Federation
A-joy I Of Dream TeamFemale
A-mi Of Li Yuan Pomeranian Tuei KuangFemale
A. B. Fecit Celsia ChicFemale07.07.2003Russian Federation
A. B. Fecit Delphina DarkFemale
A. B. Fecit Zelta RasaFemale
A.anika FaloMale27.07.2013Russian Federation
A.b. Fecit AthenaFemaleLatvia
A.b. Fecit Elfa-efijaFemale
A.b.fecit A'sole MiaFemale01.01.2002Latvia
A.b.fecit ZiliteFemale
A.j.pom's AlpFemale
A.j.pom's BowieFemale
A.j.pom's HarmonyMale
A.j.pom's MicrophoneFemale
A.j.pom's ModMale
A.j.pom's SusanFemale
Abbapoola's Latin LoverMale
Abbot Of Chao ShienMale
Abby Angel SpiceFemale01.01.2004
Abby Precious PiresFemale
Aberdare's Sable DuchessFemale
Aberdare's Wee NellieFemale
AberkornMale21.03.2008Russian Federation
AbigailFemale17.06.2007Russian Federation
Abigail Leading Ladi Iz Clana TimurlanaFemale30.07.2016
Ablench Tangerine Of CygalFemale
Abony-falvi EviFemaleRussian Federation
Abonyfalvi DandiMale
Abonyfalvi OliverMale
Abrikos Iz Grada KaterinyMale29.06.2013Russian Federation
Absolut America MeisehofMale
Absolut Effect Golden MaierMale04.06.2016
Absolut Effekt G Tender Flauer Fo LavFemale04.06.2016Russian Federation
Absolut Effekt Galaksi Star Of Mai HartFemale04.06.2016Russian Federation
Absolut Effekt Grand Shou BoiMale04.06.2016Russian Federation
Absolut Vodka De Can TitosMale08.05.2017
Absolut Winner Pretty StyleMale24.11.2014Israel
Absolute Ellaidzha WoodMale02.02.2012Ukraine
Absolute's Biker BabeFemale
Absolute's Driving Miss HansonFemale