Nelson Olivier Iz Palevyh Buldogov

BreedFrench Bulldog
NameNelson Olivier Iz Palevyh Buldogov
Call NameNelly
Date Birth25.07.2010
Land BirthRussian Federation
Living in CountrySerbia
TitlesSerbian J Ch, Ch Serbia, Ch of Rom, Ch macedonia, Inter Ch, Eds 2012 - #3 In Ch class, R.bis, Multi Bob, Multi bog, Fmbc Klubsieger 2013, fmbc Best In Show
Size (cm)
Weight (kg)
SireInfinity V.marver's Fortuna
DamRoksolana Iz Palevyh Buldogov
Tatu or Chip #

Gen 6

Pedigree of Nelson Olivier Iz Palevyh Buldogov

Serbian J Ch, Ch Serbia, Ch of Rom, Ch macedonia, Inter Ch, Eds 2012 - #3 In Ch class, R.bis, Multi Bob, Multi bog, Fmbc Klubsieger 2013, fmbc Best In Show

Nelson Olivier Iz Palevyh BuldogovBrindle


Jchrus,blr,mld,chRKF,chrus,blr ,mld,grand Mld

Infinity V.marver's Fortuna



Kassel (d) 2008 1 Ex - Cac - cacib - Vdh - Best Male Goes (nl) 2008 - 2 Ex Jubileum show Danish Bulldog Club: Ex best J Dog Clubmatch k.b.k.f.b. 2008 J Dog day H.b.c. 2007 Best Baby male

Giovanni Van Marver's FortunaFawn


Int Ch. J World Winner 2005

Hay V.d. Mestreechteneerkes13.07.2004

Int Ch, Lux Ch, Be Ch, Dk Ch, lux Jch, Bundessiegerin, belgian Winner, Best French bulldog Of Kbkfb 2006, Best female Of Kbkfb 2006, Best female Of Hbc 2006

Charlothe Van Marver's Fortuna23.09.2003

Ch Netherlands, Chluxembourg, Ch Belgium, Int Ch

Bonnie V.d. Mestreechteneerkes08.02.2000

JCh Ru, BL, UA. Ch Ru, BL, UA, RKF, Grand Ch Ru, BL, UA, inter, CH of LIT, EST, LAT, Baltic, FIN, Lux

Roksolana Iz Palevyh BuldogovFawn


Ch Inter, Ru, Rfbc Club, Grand, RKF, LIT, IRL

A'vigdors Bisquit Vencedor31.07.2006

Ch Inter, Ru, rfbc Club, Grand, RKF, MOL, Geo, AZ, LIT, SLO,

Exquisite De La Parure01.09.2005

Ch Inter, Ru, Rfbc club, Grand, RKF, Usa-akc,BGR, UA

A'vigdors Fira Firuzi Fiori06.06.2005

Ch Rus, RKF, Blr, Lat, Est

Zhuliana Fon Valua Iz Palevyh Buldogov, Ch FIN 02, RU 02, UA 02, BE 03, Grand BLR, UA

Glenlee Night Hawk03.02.2001

J Ch Ru, J Ch Latvia, J Ch Estonia. Ch Ru, Ch of Estonia, Ch BL

Buldogi Iz Ozerkov Astoria Tornada07.01.2004

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