World Pedigree DataBase of Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

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NameSexDate BirthLiving in Country
A In Bi Uaili StarFemale03.07.2016Russian Federation
A In Bi ValideFemale14.12.2012Russian Federation
A In Bi Valleri Volshebnaya SkazkaFemale25.05.2013Russian Federation
A KrasavetsMale01.09.2013
A La Beethoven De' ChocolatierMale30.05.2012
A La Mozart De' ChocolatierMale30.05.2012
A La Pom Pon 's Didian MarchFemale04.01.2012
A La Pom Pon 's Diudonn AllenMale04.01.2012
A La Pom Pon 's Donatin EstelleFemale04.01.2012
A La Pom Pon 's Dzhinet ElinFemale04.01.2012
A La Pom Pon's Benedict BerhtMale17.12.2011Russian Federation
A La Pom Pon's Diana EstyFemale04.01.2012
A La Pom Pon's Iogan Friedrich KleinMale17.01.2010Russian Federation
A La Pom Pon's Vellari AisFemale30.09.2010Russian Federation
A La Pom Pon's Vikont De BrazhelonMale30.09.2010Russian Federation
A Life Full Of Love De ZelkovaMale
A Little Bit Of Heavens Aurora Of Pacific RimFemale02.02.2013Canada
A Little Bit Of Heavens Draco Of Pacific RimMale02.02.2013Canada
A Little Bit Of Heavens Orion Of Pacific RimMale02.02.2013Canada
A Little Bit Of Heavens Selena Of Pacific RimFemale02.02.2013Canada
A Little Bit Of Heavens Taurean Of Pacific RimMale02.02.2013Canada
A Little Paddy Von Mon RoyalMale15.07.2005Germany
A Magic Flower Of White OrchideeFemale08.11.2013
A Meebi Baby My Insatiable LoveFemale05.12.2005
A Mysterious Moment In Time Of Cotton CandyFemale15.11.2009United States
A Petite Coco Chanel Of Little NightdreamsFemale08.09.2012Germany
A PometMale20.05.2016Belarus
A Princess Lilly Fee Of Glorious Dog'sFemale01.01.2009Germany
A Sky Full Of Lighters My Insatiable LoveFemale01.10.2011United States
A Small Ice Man Of Little NightdreamsMale08.09.2012Ukraine
A White Pearlin Palms Royal PearlsFemale01.09.2013
A Wonderful Snow Flower Of White OrchideeFemale08.11.2013
A'balu Von Den GlockensteinenMale27.03.2008Germany
A'kessy Von Den GlockensteinenFemale27.03.2008Germany
A'leks Smol KristallMale22.06.2014
A'locomotion Of MillmoorMale
A'nuky Golen RainMale
A- De La CruzMale30.07.2013
A-ambra Von WeitraFemale30.01.2013
A-cherry Von Burg LeofelsMale01.02.2009Germany
A-clayde Von Den KoboldenMale29.06.2010
A-emmelie Von Den KoboldenFemale01.10.2002United States
A-harlekin Von Geveshausen-lampeMale05.06.2009
A-marsishik Zolotaya ZvezdochkaMale25.07.2011Russian Federation
A-ofelia Brilliantovie KroshkiFemale07.02.2014Uzbekistan
A-rio From The Queen Of DiamondsMale13.11.2006Germany
A-rosalinda Brilliantovie KroshkiFemale21.02.2014Russian Federation
A-sissiFemaleCzech Republic
A-skippy Von CastelhunFemale01.08.2000